Hi! I am Mel.

I’m a Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Gamer from Pretoria. I am a self-proclaimed Vape Enthusiast. I enjoy mixing and combining flavours like baking. Creating that perfect recipe gives me so much joy! I hope that I can help you find that perfect combination with my Custom Mixes Tab. We all have our own taste, that is why I thought you should have the choice what to put into your Vape. Without doing the work, you can have what you like with Mel’s Mixes!

This is a small business that only recently started. There is still a few things that needs to change, to streamline production and efficiency. If there is anything that you don’t approve of, please feel free to contact me by using the Contact Tab above.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please see below a few stories of happy customers:

A few months ago I decided to give Mel’s Mixes a try. From that day on I haven’t even bothered looking for different brands. 3 things that stand out prominently, of which flavour is the first. Very well concocted and highly accurate, not to mention delicious. Second, durabillity. Yes you read that right. Since using Mel’s Mixes my coil life on my vape practically doubled. I was completely caught by surprise with this nice, higly unexpected bonus. Thirdly, cost. Mel’s Mixes prices are really amazing for the immensely high quality premium vape juice you get.

Overall, really amazing vape juice that is more merciful on your coils at really great prices!
They also have a service which allows you to customize your vape juice according to what you like most.

I would most definitely recommend you give it a go at least once. Can’t go wrong with Mel’s Mixes!

-Stefan Mostert

Even non-smokers compliment me on the fragrance when I vape with Mel’s Mixes and the taste really matches the label! Mel’s Mixes are also really affordable and gentle on my device, everything I want from my monthly vape supplier. Can’t wait to try even more flavour combinations.

-Phillip van Eeden

I’ve been buying Mel’s Mixes since before it was called Mel’s Mixes. The cost saving is almost as amazing as the cost saving. I’m able to choose the flavour and customize as I see fit. However the best part for me personally is how I’m able to fine tune the nicotine content. There is no predetermined nicotine strengths that would force me to stick with a certain strength or make a huge uncomfortable jump down in nicotine content. I was able to gradually reduce the nicotine content at my own pace and are still gradually reducing the nicotine every month.

-Henk Grobbelaar